• A Discussion on the Rising Trend of Hybrid Roles and How Candidates Can Prepare for the New Normal in the Work Environment

    In my conversations with industry leaders and within the halls of Frontline Source Group Holdings, we often reflect on the rapid evolution of the workplace. As we witness this transformation, we see an undeniable surge in hybrid job opportunities. These roles, which combine in-office presence with remote flexibility, are revolutionizing the professional ecosystem. How do

    February 26, 2024
  • Embracing Diversity: How Inclusive Hiring Strengthens Companies

    An in-depth look at the benefits of diversity hiring and the strategies Frontline Source Group Holdings uses to create inclusive workplaces. In my personal journey through the corridors of human resources, I’ve come to realize that the core of a thriving workplace lies in its diversity. But what does it truly mean to embrace diversity

    February 12, 2024
  • Four Strategies to Help You Navigate a Mid-Life Career Change

    Are you considering a mid-life career change in manufacturing or engineering? It’s never too late to reassess what you want to do and realign your career to match your goals. But it does take some additional planning to make a career change successful. Here are four effective strategies to successfully transition into a new role

    December 4, 2023
  • What is Employee Retaliation & How Can you Avoid It?

    Managing a team will always have challenges; not every employee will work out. But when an employee feels the need to file a complaint against your company, what should you do next? You cannot retaliate or punish employees, former employees, or applicants when they file a legal complaint about your business. But what can you

    November 6, 2023